VENEZIANICO limited edition 100 psc for The 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Egypt

A Legacy through millennia

Egypt is 6,000 years old. A four-digit number cannot do justice to such a vast time span. Whatever event relevant to Western history has occurred in the Mediterranean, Egypt has somehow been a witness or a protagonist.

The Egyptian legacy has penetrated deeply into the European cultural fabric, with such a powerful symbolism that you can find it in every home. Who does not have a pendant, an ornament, a book, a small souvenir that depicts the stylistic features or artworks of ancient Egypt?

The iconic winged symbol is featured also on this edition custom packaging 


Venice and Egypt: bond by legend

The relations between Venice and Egypt date back to well before the year 1000 A.D. The intensity of these exchanges is also documented by numerous historical artifacts that reveal a continuous relationship which spanned the entire history of the city. The bond that gradually developed became so strong that it even gave rise to legends, one of which explains the origin of the Lion of St. Mark, the emblem par excellence of the Serenissima Republic (i.e. Venice).

In fact, it is said that the Saint was on his way to Alexandria, Egypt, when he found himself in a storm in the upper Adriatic Sea. He then found shelter on one of the Venetian islands, perhaps Rialto, which was inhabited by fishermen and formed the early centre on which the city was later built.

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